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2021 Porsche Taycan

Porsche Taycan Specialist Opinion

The electric future of Porsche has come. The Porsche Taycan launched in 2020 and became the first electric car brand. The saloon looks beautiful and uses the batteries for incredible performance. A variant of the Turismo wagon adds ride height and cargo space. If Porsche’s future looks like a Taycan, it will be fine.

What Is New?

  • Latest entry-level rear-drive design
  • For model 4S, a Smaller and cheaper battery is available.
  • Simplified integration of the public charging station
  • Beautiful new exterior color, interior upholstery choices
  • Optional HUD
  • Suspension lifting system connected to GPS available
  • Opportunity to install latest features Over-The-Air via subscription
  • Porsche Taycan Turismo wagon version

What do we think

Not long ago, electric vehicles were the green option, designed to divest fossil fuels and project an eco-friendly picture. The Porsche Taycan shows us that electric vehicles can not only be impressive but even more impressive than combustion vehicles.

This car is absolutely a Porsche. The incredible acceleration is just one part of its performance acumen. The handling is outstanding, with secure stability helped by the floor-mounted battery pack. The stopping power is also vital. This car is exciting and demands more driving, and due to its power deficiency, we did not feel like we’re missing out during our First Drive of the rear-wheel-drive base Taycan. It is not only a great performance car; this Porsche’s advanced technology, the quiet, high-quality cabin is a good place to spend time. Even if the seating position is a little high and the narrow back seats may be complicated.

However, there is a problem. If it wants to drive, it wouldn’t be if its batteries are exhausted. The Taycan’s range follows the competition, decreasing its performance in real life. In our testing, we exceeded the EPA’s range ranking, but it was not remarkable. Considering the Taycan as an around-town thrill ride {might help|may help} justify its limited range, will it be enough to justify its high price?

Perhaps. The Taycan offers an incredible driving experience, unlike any other car. Perhaps most importantly, it represents a moment that helps renew electric vehicles’ image from eco-machines to genuine sports cars. For enthusiasts, there is no better marque to lead the charge than Porsche.

Range and Performance

Aside from the latest rear-wheel-drive entry-level design, all Taycan 2021 have 1 engine on every axle, which provides an electric all-wheel-drive. The rear-axle motor uses a new 2-speed automatic transmission. Every Taycan has a standard power level and a temporary over-boost power level when launch control is activated.

Taycan has a single rear motor for rear-wheel-drive. There are two battery options available. The regular 79.3 Kilowatt-hour battery produces 321 horsepower and 260 LB-FT of torque, while the over-boost battery generates 402 horsepower and 264 LB-FT of torque.

The Taycan with the optional Performance-Battery-Plus produces 365 horsepower and 260 LB-FT of torque, 479 horsepower and 273 Lb-FT of torque overboost mode. Porsche estimates that acceleration from zero to sixty miles per hour will take 5.2 secs.

The Taycan 4S has a front-axle motor and comes with 2 battery options. The standard high-performance battery delivers 330 kilowatts, equivalent to 430 horsepower. The battery has 380 kilowatts in overboost mode, increasing power to 523 hp and torque to 473 LB-FT. The Taycan 4S accelerated sixty miles per hour in 3.5 secs in Motor Trend testing.

The Taycan 4S with Performance-Battery-Plus increases base power to 370 kilowatts, or 483 horsepower. Over boost, mode increases battery power to 430 kilowatts, 563 horsepower and 480 LB-FT of torque. The EPA-rated range for the 2021 version is 226 miles.

Do not be confused by the name of the Taycan Turbo; this vehicle doesn’t have an exhaust compressor. Instead, the Turbo name denotes its focus on performance, with a 450-kilowatt battery delivering 615 horsepower. According to Porsche, in over-boost mode, it reaches 500 kW, producing 660 horsepower and 625 LB-FT of torque for a zero to sixty miles per hour time of 3.0 sec. The EPA has rated the 2020 Turbo range at 202 miles.

Like other sports cars of Porsche, the Turbo S logo is applied to the range-topping Taycan. No, this isn’t turbo either. It has 450 Kilowatt power, delivering 615 horsepower. Activate the launch control, and the battery reaches 550 kilowatt, which increases the ability to an impressive 760 horsepower and 775 LB-FT of torque. Motor Trend measured a zero to sixty launch of 2.3 secs, only a 10th of a second behind the Turbo S 911. As with any effective gas engine, The performance of this Taycan is not good, reaching 192 miles of range in testing. However, in our range testing, we were able to get 255 miles.


Auto emergency braking, lane departure avoidance, road sign identification, and front and back parking sensors are standard driver-assist and active safety features. In true Porsche style, features usually included on rival cars are an extra expense, such as adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping, and blind-spot monitoring.

Cargo Space

The rear trunk of the Taycan 4S is 14.4 cubic feet; because of their more significant and more powerful electrical components,  the Turbo S and Turbo have 12.8 cubic feet. Capacity on the Taycan Turismo varies from 14.4 cubic feet on Turbo S and Turbo trims to 15.6 cubic feet on other models. The capacity increases to more than 41 cubic feet when the seats are folded. A front trunk compartment has an extra 2.8 cubic feet of cargo space in the saloon and Taycan wagon.


Unsurprisingly, the Taycan is packed with technology. A 16.7-inch digital gauge cluster display is mounted behind the steering wheel, taking circular cues to mimic traditional Porsche design. The automotive system has 2 touchscreens: a 10.8-inch upper screen for car, navigation, audio controls, and an 8.3 inch lower screen for comfort and climate settings. An extra 10.8-inch screen for the front passenger is available as a choice, which allows them to control automotive and navigation settings. For2021, a HUD is now available. While Apple CarPlay is standard, Android Auto is not. Every row has 2 USB-C ports and also a wireless charging pad in the front. 

A Taycan Wagon Has Arrived

The latest Porsche taycan Turismo must add some versatility to the Taycan line-up while also delivering outstanding performance. The wagon has more cargo space and a flatter roofline than the saloon, offering more headroom for front and back passengers and unique rocker panels and fender extensions. It also gets an additional 0.7-inch ride height to clear problems off the beaten path.

The Off-road Design package offers serious body cladding and increases the ride by 0.3 inches. Due to the changes, Porsche claims that the most powerful version, the Turbo S Taycan Turismo, is only 0.1 sec slower than 0-100 the km / h sedan equivalent.

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