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A black Porsche 911 is an outstanding choice for those who want to stand out. The deep, black paint absorbs reflections, giving the car a shadow-like appearance. It also obscures its headlights and curves. In addition to the appearance of a shadow, a black 911 also hides any glare and makes the car difficult to see, especially in the dark.

Musou Black

Musou Black Porsche 911 is similar to Vantablack, another popular black paint. Although it is acrylic paint, it is still considered the darkest on the market. The pigment used in Musou Black is the same as the one used by Vantablack, but unlike Vantablack, it is water-based, which means that you can spray it on a Porsche 911.

Musou Black is an iconic siyah. It has a lengthy history in the automotive initiative, and the Porsche 911 is no exception. It is a symbol of quality and style. Its distinctive coloration is unique and makes it a true collector’s item. It has been the talk of the town and the internet.

Musou Black Porsche 911

Musou Black Porsche 911

The Musou Black Porsche 911 is not your average car. It looks like a silhouette from a video game. The paint, created by Koyo Orient, was made especially for car owners who dislike the reflective nature of normal black paint. It is a very thin and delicate finish, so it may not be the best choice for your car.

Its black paint and sculpted body give it an elegant and edgy look. Its unique design and appearance make it the perfect car for a special occasion.

This custom Porsche 911 is available from KoPro, which ships internationally. It’s an eerie-looking car that’s sure to scare the neighbours. If you’re looking for the perfect car for a spooky Halloween party, a Musou Black Porsche 911 may be just what you’re looking for.

Musou Black Porsche 911 is a beautiful paint job that will turn heads. It is the blackest color available and is said to reflect 0.6 percent of light. Compared to Vantablack, a coating, Musou Black is available in more places and costs less. If you’re wondering whether Musou Black is the best option for your Porsche 911, read on to learn more.

Musou Black paint is easy to see but can be disorienting for other drivers. It is best for show cars, though, as the paint is extremely fragile. However, if you’re parked in a downtown Toronto parking lot, don’t risk the car’s safety with this type of paint.

The Musou Black Porsche 911 is the darkest water-based acrylic paint on the market. You can get a 100ml bottle of the paint for about $18. Compared to that, painting a car with Musou Black paint is cheaper than buying a whole new car. It also works to eliminate the glare of the sun.

While this paint can make your Porsche 911 look darker than ever, it does absorb most of the color. This dark color makes the headlights and shape of the car look blurred. Depending on how you view the car, it could look like a silhouette or a computer-generated model.

black porsche

Vantablack BMW X6

The BMW X6 is the only car in the world to sport a Vantablack paint finish. This revolutionary finish consists of carbon nanotubes that are 14 to 50 micrometres long and about 20 nanometers wide. Around a billion of these tiny tubes are arranged vertically across the paint’s surface. The result is a car that looks tenser and more aggressive than usual.

While the production series X6 is a great-looking vehicle, the Vantablack version of the car is a strikingly different color. It is considered the world’s darkest color and is one of only a few vehicles to boast this special paint finish. BMW teamed up with Surrey NanoSystems to develop the paint with 99 percent black pigment. The coating makes objects appear two-dimensional and blurs identifying features.

The new Vantablack BMW X6 will be displayed at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Its paint is completely black but allows the design elements to shine. The X6’s optional light-up grille looks especially dramatic when contrasted against the flat paint job. However, BMW does not intend to use this paint finish on production cars.

While BMW will not be using this paint finish on a production X6, it believes that customers will be more than thrilled with its look. The new paint will be used to protect sensors in the X6. It is the darkest substance ever created. It helps protect electronic equipment from damage caused by sunlight. In addition to that, it also reduces reflectivity around sensitive camera systems and sensors for semi-autonomous driving.

The new Vantablack BMW X6 is a rare treat. It is the first car to be painted in the new technology. It is made by Surrey NanoSystems and will debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show next month. The car’s VBx2 paint color is so dark that body lines are barely visible. This paint will also accentuate the new light-up BMW grille.

The new paint technology is a breakthrough for the BMW X6. Using VBx2 technology, the new color can change how onlookers see the car in three dimensions. According to Ben Jensen, the vantablack technology was developed after he rejected previous approaches by automakers. The material is durable and can withstand everyday use. 


Whether you’re looking to purchase a fresh car or want to update the paint job on your current vehicle, Musou Black is an option worth considering. This dark and dramatic paint is easy to apply and can be used on any surface. It’s perfect for show cars and will eliminate the sun’s glare. While it may not be as enduring as other paints, it makes a statement. If you’re looking for something unique and eye-catching, consider using Musou Black paint on your Porsche 911 or BMW X6!

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