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2021 Porsche Taycan RWD

The 2021 Porsche Taycan RWD carries a starting MSRP of $79,900 before a $1,350 delivery charge. It qualifies for a $7,500 federal tax credit. The EPA-estimated range is expected to be released before the model’s launch. It is scheduled to arrive in U.S. dealerships in early Spring 2021.

2022 Porsche Taycan GTS review

This 2022 Porsche Taycan GTS review looks at the car’s performance. Despite its low weight and low-profile tires, this electric vehicle delivers superb handling and grip, which makes it an enjoyable ride. Its suspension is sophisticated, and its steering is surprisingly responsive. Its performance is matched by its comfort and refinement.

The GTS moniker is synonymous with the top-of-the-range models from Porsche. The GTS badge has been applied to different models in the past, but it has always been associated with increased performance. It has never crossed the line into garish opulence, hardcore RS, or sledgehammer Turbo territory. It [...]


Buying a used Porsche represents an excellent investment, one that can appreciate in worth over time and circumstances, particularly if you’re shopping for an uncommon model. First of all, one should avoid buying a car based on its price tags alone. There are a lot of excellent cars with excellent base prices out there, and it is possible to find one at a fraction of their retail value. So don’t be in a hurry to jump into the car shopping just because it’s cheap; always do your homework and then only make a purchase when you are sure that you have found the best vehicle for you. Cars are bought for luxury.

Pre-owned Porsche Cars for Sale

The most important thing when searching for pre-owned cars for sale is to know what you want. Only by understanding your requirements will you narrow down the options available to you and choose from the ones that are [...]

Cheapest Porsche

The answer is very simple. Get a pre-owned one. A pre-owned Porsche means a used car in excellent condition and running as good as new, if not better than new. If you are a buyer and want to pay less for your Porsche, you must research used car prices and try to find the lowest possible price in the market.

Cheapest Porsche-1

You may not like the idea of paying the high price for a new vehicle, especially if you have a family. Porsches usually have high market values due to their power, speed, reliability and great driving experience. Porsches are reliable and strong vehicles which you can take to the maximum roads.

It is difficult to define a luxury vehicle as “cheap” because there are different models and brands. However, a reliable Porsche is [...]

Porsche Car Dealership
Welcome to Our Porsche Car Dealership:

Looking for the best car which will last for many years in the future? We have a great collection of used and new vehicles, trucks, and Sports utility vehicles available in Fort Lauderdale that can guarantee that every person will have a chance to find their best future car at just the most suitable price. We have the brands you rely on and look for their sturdiness, performance, style, comfort, and ease at reasonable rates.

Porsche Dealers In Fort Lauderdale

Find satisfaction by selecting our certified pre-owned (CPO) Porsche vehicles, trucks, or Sports utility vehicles. These types of cars are combed over completely to make sure they’re in good condition, inside and outside. Our properly trained, sharp-eyed staff of professionals ensure these models are as much as the higher [...]

Porsche For Sale in Davie
Porsche Dealer In Davie:

If you are looking for the latest compact Sports utility vehicle in Davie, the Porsche is made for you. Porsche West Broward provides a wide-ranging stock of Porsche models that you can select from to ensure that you can find the vehicle which will meet up all of your requirements and personal preferences. To check out our readily available trims and models personally, plan a test drive at our Davie car dealership.

Plan a Service Visit in Davie:

For automobile service and repair, you can be confident, opt for Porsche West Broward for the auto you need. Providing Twenty service bays, a fast positioning device, on-site paint, and wheel repair, as well as an incredible detail facility, our service center works with all of your service and automobile repair needs. If it is time for you to bring your vehicle in for service, whether or not it is for simple routine [...]

Porsche Miami Dealer
Drivers In Miami Gardens, Florida Visit All Of Our Pre-owned Porsche Financing Needs, Sales, Service:

If you are a driver in Miami Gardens, Florida, and a wonderful, reputable late model pre-owned Porsche is at the very top of your “things to get today” list, then the only spot for you to go. We have the best pre-owned Porsche car dealership with a huge selection of late-model pre-owned Porsches on our lot that go through strict re-conditioning before they are even offered to our Miami-Gardens friends. However it is an awesome compact cross-over, amazing Sports utility vehicle, an advanced, classy, and luxurious saloon, or a big super-duty truck, our respectful, non-commissioned sales workers hold back to get the keys and take you for a ride now!

Porsche in Miami

Miami Gardens citizens may have real [...]

Porsche Miami

If it is time for our Miami Lakes neighbors to buy a late model pre-owned Porsche in the best condition, it is the perfect time to head down to find out what a vintage used Porsche is all about. Our sales staff is non-commissioned; therefore, you will not feel the pressure; you can check and feel the superb customer care we offer our Miami Lakes friends. Thus when it is a sports car, an attractive and deluxe big Sports utility vehicle.

Porsche Miami

When you try to find a used or new Porsche, our sales staff can help you with its no-pressure approach. Let’s explain to you what an excellent Chevy car dealer should be. We’ll help make your Porsche purchasing experience stress-free and efficient. Contact us right now to plan a test drive.

High-quality Pre-owned Vehicles In Pembroke Pines:

We all know what it’s like to have a limited spending budget for what we might need or want. That’s the reason you have to ensure that you browse the wide variety of top-quality used vehicles and Sports utility vehicles available at our car dealership. Our pre-owned stock features cars from a number of well-liked models and makes, which makes it simple for you to buy a vehicle you like. We have an excellent collection of CPO Lexus models available. 

Porsche 718 Cayman GT4

Our certified pre-owned (CPO) Porsche Panamera models have been by an extensive mechanical inspection and may include a prolonged guarantee that provides more satisfaction. When you are trying to find a high-quality pre-owned car on a financial budget, make sure to check [...]

Porsche Dealers in dania
Exotic Vehicles And Used Luxury Available  For Sale, Dania  Beach, Florida:

If you are trying to find a high-performance luxury or exotic vehicle, the best car to suit your needs around Dania Beach. We stock a wide range of pre-owned luxury cars available for sale such as Porsche, Rolls-Royces, used Bentley’s in Florida to used amazing cars on the market such as Porsche, Porsche, Audi, and much more. Our renowned car dealership near Dania Beach, Florida is here to respond to any queries that you’ve and to help in purchasing your exotic or luxury car.

Porsche Cayman T Our Pre-owned Luxurious & Exotic Stock Dania Beach Florida:

If you’re wanting to buy a low-mileage, high-quality pre-owned high-end or exotic car near Dania Beach Florida. We have a really diverse variety of high-quality pre-owned [...]

Miami Florida:

Miami Florida is the place where you buy the best quality used vehicles. We pride ourselves in providing you the best cars, customer support, and a wide range of financing options effective at accommodating any credit situation. Your experience is our most important priority, as soon as you walk through the door. We motivate you to use the resources and expertise of the employees because they are here to help you buy your next vehicle at the best-suited price.

porsche miami florida Automotive Loans For Your Credit Score:

Furthermore, we provide a wide collection of high-quality used vehicles, cars, vans, and Sports utility Porsche available for sale, however, we also make the car purchasing process hassle-free. We know that your brand-new car is a financial investment, therefore we have [...]

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