Porsche Cayenne E hybrids 2021 are optimized and also juicier

There are many plug-in hybrid Porsche Cayenne editions. We have praised its refined chassis, strong acceleration, and smooth powertrain transition between electric power and gas in previous reviews. These characteristics helped the SUV’s advancement on the shortlist for last year’s Motor Trend SUV of the Year competition. Porsche is now making some further changes in the hopes of delivering even better performance. Click here to check pre-owned inventory of porsche cayenne gts

Porsche is adding larger capacity battery packs to the Porsche Cayenne E-Hybrid 2021 range. The latest batteries have a capacity of 17.8-kilowatts per hour compared to the current capacity of the 14.2-kilowatt per hour. Although an increase in range is expected,  it is difficult to predict how much this change will affect range for MPG and EV  without a proper EPA test. Porsche appears to be in a battery replacement period these days. Porsche announced today that the Cayenne E-Hybrid would increase from 14.2-kilowatt per hour to 17.8-kilowatt per hour after increasing the latest E-Hybrid capacity. Click here to check pre-owned inventory of porsche cayenne coupe

Additionally, Porsche is updating its driving modes. Like before, E-Charge mode starts the engine to charge the battery. However, now the battery’s target state of charge is 80% rather than 100%. According to Porsche, this new calibration will help ensure that recovery braking power is always available. The automaker has also made changes to the Sport and Sport Plus modes to ensure that the battery has always maintained enough maximum performance power. It is also charged at a faster and more consistent rate in these modes. Check out this 2023 Porsche Cayenne S Platinum Edition, https://motocarnews.com/2023-porsche-cayenne-s-platinum-edition/

The Cayenne E-Hybrid lineup is not cheap, the basic SUV model starts at $83,250 for 2020, and the Turbo S starts at $164,650, but for those willing to spend money on SUVs hybrids, it looks like the 2021 updates will keep them happy.

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