Porsche Gullwing Living Legend Design Registered-Is Production Next?

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Do you know how to improve the 718 Porsche Cayman? Gullwing eight-cylinder engine and doors that is what. This is the promise of the concept of the Le Mans Living Legend Porsche, inspired by the company Le Mans racer in 1953.

Years after its launch in 2016, a user on the Taycan EV Forum uncovered a filing at the EUIPO revealing Porsche has finally registered the Le Mans Living Legend concept.

Could this mean that a production design is coming?

However, it is unclear, a “registered community design” filing is a process that offers the production company to market or sell the design. Don’t forget, although it was created in 2016, Porsche’s design concepts were never revealed to the outside world. Several months ago, Porsche 911 launched this project.

Porsche is unwilling to elaborate more. A representative explained to us that, “We do not comment on or participate in speculation about possible future products as a matter of policy. Thank you for your patience.”

Right, but we’d have to ask. It’s unclear that an eight-cylinder Cayman sports car with exotic doors has a place in the lineup. But there is no indication that the Le Mans Living Legend design has been modified to accommodate.

It is possible that some benefactor saw the concept and asked Porsche to produce it in a limited amount. Many car manufacturers customize their fees, but Porsche does not. That said, the company produced limited-run designs like the recent retro-designed 935 Porsche.

Judging by the reader’s response to Porsche’s secret concepts, a bantamweight sports car powered by a powerful Ducati-derived engine and wrapped in a style that channels some of the Spyder 918 and also Taycan. It would also have a natural place in the line-up below the 718 twins with wonderful proportions and a back-to-basics mission. If the Le Mans Living Legend does not come to fruition, can it be 904?

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