Porsche Panamera 2021: Prices for All models, All 21

2021 Porsche Panamera:

There’s a Panamera Porsche for nearly everyone. The base Panamera is available If you’d like a Porsche-Saloon in the garage. But what about the most efficient vehicle that has driven on public roads? If so, you will need the Panamera Porsche 2021 Turbo S Turismo. These 2 cars complete the range of 21 models, and now Porsche has released pricing info.

The price has not changed if the actual model has been carried over. However, there are many new models. Porsche makes fundamental changes to each Panamera to provide you more for your money. 

The Panamera 2021 gets a new infotainment system with a new processor and sharper graphics, and several steering upgrades to improve driver feedback. Find more info about Porsche Panamera Dealers

Other changes include the addition of wireless Apple CarPlay, keyless access, and wireless device charging across the Panamera line. Hybrid car models see an increase in battery capacity from 14.2 kilowatt-hour to 17.8 kilowatt-hour, which translates into a greater electric range. The Turbo and accompanying variants were dropped in favor of the more powerful Turbo S, and 3 new 2021 hybridized models. We have driven the new Turbo S Panamera and Turbo S, and they are incredible.

Panamera enthusiasts: You may have noticed that Panamera 2021 has not hit showroom floors yet. Porsche Dealer says the new cars will come in showrooms in spring 2021. Everything about it is mentioned in the table below, where you may also easily see which models have been removed and which ones have been added.

Model 2020 MSRP   – MSRP 2021

Panamera Porsche   – $89,550 $89,550

Panamera 4 Porsche – $94,150 $94,150

Panamera 4 Executive Porsche – $99,750 $99,750

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