Porsche Teases Taycan Cross Turismo’s Wagon Bod 2022

We are also excited to see the photos of the Porsche Taycan Turismo 2022, although we all knew it was coming. So far, we have only seen pictures of the Taycan Turismo concept and some photos of Taycan Turismo mules testing around the world.

The Taycan Turismo can work as the Taycan saloon when it finally arrives in the United States. The Taycan model line is good, but Porsche EVs have certain flaws, resulting in a very limited back seat headroom. Taycan Turismo should solve this issue. Porsche’s pictures also show the Taycan Turismo’s extra ride height than the Taycan saloon and the car’s roof rails and tough-looking cladding around the wheel arches. This information shows that the Taycan would be more of a lifestyle vehicle than a sports car.


Taycan Turismo will probably offer a range of trims just like the current Taycan. A 4S or 4 will serve as a base model, with Turbo S and Turbo versions at the top range. However, these last two changes could ditch the Turismo kit and arrive as more on-road-focused Sport Turismo designs. Click Here to Read More Information About Used Porsche Taycan https://porschetaycanused.splashthat.com/

We expect Porsche Tacan to take off the Taycan Cross Tourism wraps later this year, but the production version probably won’t hit dealerships until mid-2022. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the Taycan’s maximum range is 227 miles, but you’ll need to specify the Performance Battery Plus option to net that sum.

Although we are in the dark when it comes to pricing, we may look at the current range of Panamera for a hint of Porsche’s price for the Taycan Tourism. The delta between the Panamera Sport Turismo car and the Panamera saloon variant is $4,000. Given Taycan Tourism’s extra off-road credibility, we think Porsche is likely to charge $5,000 or more to graduate from the Taycan saloon body style to its more practical car.

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