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You would be hard-pressed to find many stories featuring females in the last ten to fifteen issues of any popular car magazine. Many females are great enthusiasts and work just as hard as their male counterparts, and are enthusiastic about cars.

It has been clear that females stories have been massively underrepresented in the automotive media. This alarming lack of coverage motivated me to seek out females who expressed their enthusiasm, give them a chance to share their stories, and amplify voices frequently drowned out in a male-dominated industry.

Since joining Motor Trend Group, I have had the pleasure of meeting many fascinating females from various backgrounds who are doing fantastic work in the automotive industry. It is not necessary to be a female to learn and write about them. You have to take a sip of fresh coffee and open the eyes. Most of the time, these females will greet you, offer you another cup of coffee, and tell you their fascinating stories. It is incredible how much you may learn from them.

What started as a fun idea to take a portrait of female Porsche drivers has turned into a unique project that I hope will inspire future car enthusiasts. The females in this series drive Porsches and have waited for somebody to ask them about their passion. These photos aren’t of cute girls who are sexy in front of an expensive sports car. Instead, they capture admirable females who work hard and enjoy talking about cars. And they did talk about how a shared love of Porsche has affected their lives.

Mailani Deyoung | @Deafsushi

I was born into a Porsche lover family. When my father was seventeen, he bought his first Porsche, 1962 356, restored and turned to buy his Speedster 1955. My dad purchased, restored, and sold many 912s when I was a child. When my dad worked on the cars, I was his tool runner and his sidekick at Porsche meetings and events.

At the age of 23, I purchased my 1st Porsche, a light ivory 1968 Porsche 912, for $2,800. I’ve always loved these vehicles and have never let the opinions of others influence my preferences. My latest purchase is a black Porsche Cayenne 2008 that I use as a commuter vehicle. The first Porsche I drove was my Porsche 996 1999, which I bought as a 30th birthday present.

My favorite Porsche is the 904, also called Carrera GTS. It is a beautiful vehicle. I love the way Porsche is not only defined by one thing. After all, it is about an impressive and diverse community of friends and family. It’s a way of life.

However, I have to take a long-distance road trip in a Porsche, but I’ve a rooftop tent that I intend to put on the top of my 996 for some epic camping trips.

Amber Blonigan | @Amber_blonigan

My friend introduced me to Porsches in high school. His parents had a Porsche 928, and let’s only say we had a few Ferris Bueller experiences. After another seven or eight years, when I opened my shop, GI Automotive Group, I began to appreciate and join Porsches. The majority of the work we did at GI Automotive in the starting was Porsche maintenance.

I have many Porsches, ranging from the 911s of the 1960s to the 912 and RS models. Porsche are the versatile and reliable cars on the market. You can follow a Porsche all day, compete in rallies, make donuts and then drive it home. A Porsche may be your daily driver.

The most unforgettable experience I’ve ever had in a Porsche was a cross-country drive during the goldRush Rally. In 8 days, I drove over 4,000 miles through snow, mountains, desert, and everything in between. At the end of the journey, I felt so attached to the car. It was an unforgettable experience, and there is no better vehicle to have had it in than the GT3 RS.

Laurina Esposito | @Womeninporsche

It may sound funny, but my dad, John Esposito, introduced me to Porsche when I was only 2 years old, with a fast drive in the front seat. I was “helping” my dad by giving him screwdrivers or holding rubber stamps. A 1967 Porsche 911S was the first Porsche I ever drove. If you’re curious about the first wheel I sat behind, it was on my dad’s lap while he let me drive the Speedster.

I used to drive a 1972 Porsche 911T in a spectacular tangerine color. Today, I own a Boxster 2008 named the “Women in Porsche-Mobile,” which I have worked a lot on and am very proud of. The 356 Porsche is my favorite Porsche. Porsche can connect people on various levels. Porsche is genuinely impressive, and its history resonates with many.

My latest long-distance road trip in a Porsche was to this year’s Monterey Car Week, and the driving along the coast was excellent. I enjoyed experiencing the road in a new way and being close to all the other enthusiasts.

Martina Kwan | @Martinakwan

Porsche has always fascinated me, but it was only in 2011 that I bought my first 911 Porsche. Now I am an FIA licensed racing driver and the cars I drive are the 911 Porsche itself, that Vision Motorsports converted into a race car. The first Porsche I drove was a GT3 at Pikes Peak International Raceway in Colorado during a track day. I currently own 3 Porsches: a GT3 RS Porsche, a 911 Porsche race car, and a Cayenne S Porsche. I also used a Porsche Panamera.

My favorite Porsche model is GT3 RS. I was finally able to purchase a GT3 RS GT Silver, and it recently won the SC-2 Current Competition category at the Porsche Club of America’s 58th Concours d’Elegance in Los Angeles.

Porsche is a famous German brand, and you may expect accuracy in craftsmanship and function from German brands. Additionally, I love how the Porsche represents a community of Porsche enthusiasts. Porsche owners take pride in their vehicles and have a special appreciation for them. Racing with the Porsche Owners Club is my favorite thing about driving a Porsche; it’s the best of club racing. Last year I first drove from Los Angeles to Monterey Car Week in my 911 Porsche, when it was still street legal. I drove a group of 100 supercars on a drive known as “Fuel Run.”Driving a great car with a group of other car enthusiasts is also enjoyable.

Vinita Khilnani | @Omgvinita

I loved fast cars. I was taken home in an American muscle car: a ’74 Camaro [Chevy] when I was born. My first car was European, and I knew one day I wanted to own the German car, a Porsche. Every time I saw a Porsche on the road, I knew it was just a matter of time before I had my own. 6 years ago, I saved and finally purchased a Porsche.

At first, I was fascinated by the first-generation Panamera and took it for a drive. I liked everything about it, but at that time it was too big for me. Then I drove a Cayman, and secondly, I sat in the driver’s seat; I knew it was for me. It was my first time driving a mid-engine car, and I loved how balanced the Cayman was. A Cayman 2015 in black and a Cayman 718 2018 in white are currently in my stable. My favorite Porsche model is the Turbo S 911.

I prefer that I drive down the street and wave to other Cayman owners and get it. I love Porsche’s history and also the details and uniqueness behind all its models. I joined the Porsche Club of America after buying my Cayman 2015, and I am glad for all of the new Porsche friends I have made.

Last year, we drove the Cayman up to Monterey, California. During that trip, I felt that I had bonded with my car and that we had a connection. The ride was smooth, sporty, and luxurious.

Mariana Small | @Marianasmall

As with many of my friends, nostalgia played an essential role in my relationship with the Porsche. My father was a car enthusiast growing up, and Porsche was always regarded as the ultimate of engineering and design. The first Porsche I drove was a manual 1991 Porsche 928 GT in white. While I was living in Brazil, this fabulous Porsche 928 became available, and I could not resist buying it. It was just a 928 Porsche in Brasilia, and it was a lot of fun to drive. When I moved to the US, it broke my heart that I had to sell my car, but a few years later, a friend bought it without knowing it was mine. At least, I know it is in good hands and still belongs to the family.

My current stable consists of a 2013 911 Porsche 4S Carrera, which is my main; a 2009 Porsche 997 convertible for a weekend of sunshine; a 1996 Porsche 993 Carrera 4 ; and a 1988 Porsche 944, that is mainly driven by my husband. It had previously included a 2009 997 Porsche Carrera S, a 2004 996 Porsche Carrera 4S, and a 1991 Porsche 928 GT. There is a Porsche for every mood and lifestyle, but my favorite is the Porsche 904 GTS, whose design and performance were incredible at the time.

Porsche is a brand that I continuously see respected by aspiring, new, and existing owners. The design is easily recognizable, and also, with the evolution of the models, they have managed to keep the spirit of the original design.

After picking up the 997 convertible, my favorite road trip in the United States was driving Route 66 from Texas to California. The weather was beautiful, and the stops in between made for a delightful journey.

Lara | @Thatporschegirl

My mother took me to a friend’s house one night to see her new car. She was a single woman who drove a new Porsche. I was 12, and it was the first time I saw a female driving a sports car that was not her husband. At that time, I also wanted a Porsche. I thought she was awesome and wanted to become like her. My boyfriend had a red Carrera 2 (964) 1990, and it was the first Porsche I drove when I was 22 years old. 

My first Porsche was a Porsche [911] Carrera 2007 convertible. My boyfriend and I had broken up in 2010, the day before Valentine. I’d been thinking of buying a Porsche, so I went to Newport Beach, California, to a used car dealership and inquired about a silver convertible. I went to Newport Beach Porsche and asked, “Do you have a black-on-black convertible Carrera? I’ll give you 5 minutes because I could change my mind. We tried it, and that day I went out in the car. I loved it and drove it for 7 years.

So far, I’ve a 911 Porsche 2007 Carrera 997 Convertible, a Cayenne Turbo 2008, and a 1984 Porsche 928S, and currently have a 930 Porsche Turbo 1982, a 911T Porsche 1969, and a Macan S 2015 in my garage. Porsche is reliable. I’ve loved Speedsters 356. The last long-distance trip I took in a Porsche was from Newport Beach to San Francisco in a Macan S. In the older vehicles; I do not usually go far. The Macan is always very comfortable and spacious for long journeys.

Jeany Zhao | @Jeanyqzhao

I’ve loved cars since I was a child and have followed Porsche for its performance. I saw a Cayman parked on the side of the road outside the L’Auberge Hotel in Carmel in 2007 and immediately felt butterflies in my stomach. The next day, after returning home from Carmel, I went to the Porsche dealer and drove my first Porsche Cayman. I drove home in that car 5 hrs later.

There is a Cayman S 2010, a Macan 2017 and a 2018 911 Porsche GT3 in my garage. MotoIQ is now converting the Cayman S 2010 into a track car. I break the rules and don’t have a favorite Porsche. The Porsche 550 and 356 are my favorite models in the classic category. I like the Cayman 987 and the 911 Porsche RS4.0.

I like Porsche for its engineering and no-frills approach to performance. I am in Monterey for car events throughout the year, and I frequently drive from Santa Monica to the Bay Area. The latest trip in a Porsche was to Laguna Seca for the IMSA race in the Macan. My Macan is a basic SUV model, but its heartbeat and pulse continue to flow in Porsche’s blood. I love taking the long drive along the coast.

Sara Dakarmen | @Ladismantler

My father bought a brand new Porsche and let me wash it when I was ten years old. That is why I love this brand. In the year2000, my fiance drove me on our first date in a white convertible 930 Porsche Turbo. We started our Porsche parts company after a few years, got married, and had our Porsche “family” of 4 girls, who help me in my business now.

My first Porsche driving experience was when my late husband was drunk on his way out of a wedding and asked me to drive home. It was a manual Turbo with no power steering and a strong clutch, but I was determined! I did not know if he’d give me another chance to drive it.

There are hundreds of Porsches in my backyard; however, I’ve been lucky to have many Porsche models from the 1980s to the present, such as a Carrera GT, a Cup Car, GT models, Turbos, and Speedsters. Without a doubt, the inclusiveness and community are my favorite aspects of Porsche. People come together for a common love of the cars, whether at events or on the race track. The 911 Porsche 993 Turbo S and GT3 are 2 Porsche models because they have a wide rear and a big tail.

Andie Mondkind

It was impossible not to notice Porsche growing up in Germany. My family drove simple vehicles, but that did not stop me from dreaming about Porsche. The first Porsche I drove was a 911 Porsche Turbo, and it was unbelievable. The Porsche driving experience is undoubtedly unique.

Currently, I am driving a custom-ordered Cayman 718 in graphite blue metallic. This car is simple and versatile, ideal for road trips and city life. I also have a Macan for off-road lighting, and when I have enough space, I’d like to add a 911 Porsche 997 to the family.

Exactly what attracted me to Porsche, aside from the vehicles, is the community of Porsche enthusiasts. I met great people, and they are all very friendly. After all, this is about sharing the Porsche passion; it is also about connecting people with hobbies, lifestyles, and families. Porsche meetings are enriching.

Having a favorite Porsche model is difficult; that said, a 992 Carrera 4S cabriolet would be fantastic. I hope to see the new Cayenne coupe in real life, which could also become a favorite. Driving is my passion. My wife and I try to leave the city and travel as much as possible. Some of our favorite trips are Joshua Tree, Big Bear, Salton Sea and just about anywhere on the coast. Even if you only have one day, there’s no reason not to take your Porsche into the wild.

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