St. Patrick’s Day Has Arrived Early Thanks to Gunther Werks’ latest 911 Porsche

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The phrase “green with envy” has outgrown the cliché that it is impossible to justify its use. When an Irish Green Gunther Werks 911 Porsche 993 shows up, our eyes widen, our jaws drop, and our hearts are filled with pure desire. We have previously covered some of Gunther Werks’ remastered 911s and still believe this company cannot disappoint us.

Although you may be aware, the creations of the SoCal-based company begin with a standard Porsche 911 of the 993 generation. Gunther Werks’ engineers take it all apart. It means each nut, bolt, body panel, electrical gadget, and the mechanical unit have been removed, leaving only the empty body. The real work starts at that point.

After that, the body panels are replaced with beautiful, custom carbon-fiber parts. The dashboard, seats, door, and almost everything else inside are redone with the lightweight material. It is probably covered in leather. The latest commission from the company is painted the Irish Green with 2 carbon stripes. Checkout This latest model Porsche 911. From Classic to Modern: The Porsche 911 Through the Years

All the attention has also been paid to the interior of the car. The cabin and its carbon-fiber seats have been done in a mix of charcoal Alcantara, English tan leather, and exposed carbon fiber. This color scheme, combined with a green tachometer, is an impressive complement to the car’s exterior. Furthermore, the buyer requested Gunther Werks touring specs; thus, thicker leather and sound-absorbing material were used for a peaceful ride. Click Here For More Info Tips How To Buy a Porsche 911

The Irish Green Commission is powered by a Roth sport Racing 4.0-liter flat-6 engine. This powerful mill produced 435 horsepower and 335 LB-FT of torque when paired with a manual transmission. A set of Brembo brakes performs braking, and a set of custom JRZ shock suspends the entire car. Only 25 will be made, with a price starting at $ 586,000. You may have a new 911 Porsche Turbo S AND a new 911 Porsche GT3 and still have some cash to spend.

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