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The German sports car manufacturer Porsche has unveiled an all-new plug-in hybrid sports car built on the same platform as its highly acclaimed 911 series. The new 911 Turbo is a stunning new vehicle that sets a benchmark in terms of power, performance, safety, and efficiency unlike any other before it. With cutting-edge brakes and suspension technology available to drivers of this fantastic piece of machinery, you’ll feel like you can drive this car anywhere and everywhere! This is one of the best cars we’ve ever built. It feels like a true 911; it sounds like a 911, and it drives like a 911. 


The all-new 911 Turbo is a sporty, fast-feeling, high-performing plug-in hybrid. The all-new 911 Turbo is a sleek, powerful sports car with blistering performance, dynamic handling, and an earthy, engaging [...]

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