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Due to the excellent ride-height, body cladding, mudguards, and usually Off-Road looks of the latest Taycan Cross Turismo, it’s not a Dakar-ready-Porsche electric vehicle. Porsche claims that the Taycan Turismo 2022 is simply a complete Taycan saloon version. The wagon is also suitable for those people who live in temperamental climates or imagine themselves, as adventurers. The Taycan is available with AWD, which means it could also drive on a snowy road.

Until then, while it might look different from the regular Taycan, Porsche claims that everything from the wagon’s BeltLine is shared with the Porsche saloon. The only significant mechanical change is available in the latest air springs. However, the suspension calibration and most of its physical parts remain identical.

The above air springs to the Porsche Taycan Turismo are specific and allow for more significant ride height variation than the saloon units. In standard mode, the Taycan Turismo rides an inch higher off

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