The 992-generation 911 Porsche GT3 Cup is the Evil Track Twin of 2022

992 Porsche 911 GT3 Cup:

Money cannot buy happiness, but it may buy you a 992-generation 911 Porsche GT3 Cup (probably north of $200,000). The next race-ready twin of the 911 Porsche 2022 GT3 will debut in March at the Porsche Carrera Cup North America race at the Sebring International Raceway in Sebring, Florida. The German brand shares images of the vehicle as it develops. The lack of information is not surprising. Porsche 911 is also relatively tight-lipped about the Cup’s legal GT3 counterpart.

Porsche 911 GT3 Cup

As expected, the new 911 Porsche GT3 Cup should improve its predecessor’s performance. The first test car was completed in mid-2019, and Porsche immediately sent it to its test track at its R&D center in Weissach, Germany. 

Porsche built its first pre-production GT3 car a year later, after testing at many international tracks. This second car was assigned to long-run testing, probably to make sure the reliability of the vehicle over miles and hours of racing. Click Here To View The Best Inventory Of Porsche 911 Carrera

There’s good news for Porsche enthusiasts. The 911 Porsche GT3 is powered by a 4.0 liter naturally-aspirated 6 cylinder boxer engine that is essentially carried over from the previous generation 911 Porsche GT3. The 4.0-liter boxer engine produces 503 horsepower, sent to the back tires via a manual transmission 6 speed or Porsche’s 7-speed PDK. Porsche claims a 3.2-sec 0-60 time and a top speed of 198 miles per hour with the PDK.

Although the power train is carried over, that does not mean Porsche has not pushed the new GT3 to new performance levels. The most noticeable change is the double-wishbone suspension at the front axle. This double-wishbone front suspension, inspired by the 911 Porsche RSR race car, should give the driver better wheel control at the car’s limit. Visit official site to buy new Porsche 911. The Iconic Porsche 911: A Legacy of Performance

Meanwhile, Porsche-released images of the new GT3 Cup show the driver adopting a 2022 GT3. The GT3 Cup differs from the standard 911 Porsche GT3 in several ways, such as rear fender-mounted intakes, a NACA hood duct, wider fender flares, and standard race car features.

Like the 911 Porsche 2022 GT3,  the GT3 Cup promises driving engagement and next-level performance from Porsche’s latest 911 generation. However, in the case of the GT3 Cup, the experience is probably limited to the lucky ones who can maintain and afford a Porsche racing car. Porsche Panamera does not have a price tag, but we expect the new generation GT3 to start at $ 150,000.

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